24th Annual Fishin' Galore May 5, 2018
Dream Day Foundation

About - Dream Day Foundation

Dream Day Foundation is a local non-profit organization qualified by the IRS and based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The purpose of the foundation is to raise funds for patients of St. Jude. Dream Day started when a local St. Jude patient wanted to go fishing. That single event created a fun-filled day for one child and his family. The excitement of that one day led a group of businessmen to start the Dream Day Foundation in 1994. With a local Board of Governors and hundreds of volunteers, Dream Day Foundation has been able to contribute millions of dollars to St. Jude. Each year since 1994, the foundation hosts the Fishin’ Galore event in nearby Clinton, Louisiana, for the patients and families of St. Jude. The day features fishing, four wheeler riding, games, and food. More than 1,000 people attend this annual event to celebrate life and gain support from one another. Thanks to the efforts of the Dream Day Foundation and contributors like you, this special day is dedicated to their bravery, determination, and willingness to beat cancer and other catastrophic diseases.


Nicole Falkenheiner
Development Director

Brooke Conde
Administrative Director

Taylor Dunne
Administrative Assistant


Board of Governors

Carl Dabadie | Jerry Edwards | Marty Engquist | Ryan Engquist | Brad Gentile | Mary Harrison | Tiffany Mansur | Todd Weishar

Founding Board Members

James K. Edwards | Jerry D. Edwards | John M. Engquist | Clarence Fruge | Robert G. Templet

Advisory Board Members

Belinda Aaron | Buddy Aaron | Jeff Betz | Jenee Bourgeois | Pam Bozeman | Gary Carmena | Linda Carmena | Betty Edwards | Cathy Edwards | Floyd Edwards | John Engquist | Clarence Fruge | Penny Fruge | Charlie Harrison | Irene Mansur | Tracey Mansur | Jimbo Robertson | Bobby Templet | David Wascom

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